Moet Hennessey Mobile App Campaign



The campaign was simple.  Seattle Weekly was launching a new happy hour app and I wanted her brands and clients to be there from the start.  The homepage of the app perked her clients featuring their logo, in return featuring one of her brands at the venue for the month.   On the details page within the app, a banner would feature one of her brands, depending on the time of year (i.e. Cinco de Mayo), but I wanted the user to experience the brand further.  Since it was such a captive alcohol drinking audience looking for a happy hour to attend, I wanted to make sure they ordered a drink using one of her brands.  On that note, I had the creative include a call to action, “click for recipe”.  The user would click through to a landing page featuring at least five drink combinations and when at the venue, ask the bartender to make them one of the recipes.  That was a KPI we could not manage though.

At the time, Moet Hennessy brand websites were not mobile friendly so even though their websites featured recipes, users could not read easily on a phone.  To solve the problem, I personally designed a mobile landing page using creative direction from the brands website, keeping branding consistent.  I worked with Seattle Weekly’s webmaster to host the file and redirect banner clicks to a SW URL.  The campaign consistently had at CTR from .84% to 1.08%.